(Cm) Armor Use


You are much better at wearing armor than those who are unskilled and untrained. Reduce Armor check penalties by 1 for each Skill Rank Bonus you have in (Cm) Armor Use.

Soften Blows
By moving into some attacks and allowing the Armor to do it’s job, you increase your armor’s ability to deflect or soften attacks. For the purpose of determining whether you take damage from Health or Clarity, increase your armor’s effective AV by 2 for each Skill Rank Bonus (This does not actually reduce the damage).

Fast Equip

Normally armor takes some time to put on properly without increased discomfort and decreased effectiveness.

In order to rapidly don armor you must success a skill check DC=10 + (Armor’s Value).

If you fail the check, you you decrease the AV of the Armor by half and increase all penalties by 1 for each point you fail by.

If successful, you decrease the time needed to put the armor on by half + MoS rounds.

Normally the time needed to put armor on is twice it’s AV in rounds.

(Cm) Armor Use

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